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NameDestini Robinson
Register Date08/10/2009
Last On08/10/2009 06:04 pm
LocationHouma, United States of America
 About Me
My Song
Meet Virginia by Train.
My Movie
My Hangout
Anywhere I can have a good time.
My Destination
West Coast.
 More About Me

I have 5 pets. A kitty named Lily, a dog named KC, a snake named kayden, and a scorpion named Kush.

About me,

My favorite place in the world is the beach. I’m young,I know.You don't have to tell me.I have plenty years left and I am going to make every second of them worth while. I’m probably not what you think I am.I don’t sugarcoat anything and usally say what on my mind.And when I do say things I usually end up making someone feel bad. On the other hand I’m a good friend to those who deserve it,meaning the ones who show me they care about me have my heart entirely.Everyone has his or her own opinion and I have mine.I’m not gonna say I don’t lie,cause everyone does.But I NEVER lie to someone I’m in a relationship with.I tend to usually get what I want.I sound spoiled?I'm really not.I always want to think I’m right but I have to deal with being wrong.If you can make me laugh,I'll like you.When you first meet me,I can be really shy.Or seem like I'm not shy,when I really am.Confusing?Yeah it is.If I don't like you I will tell you.I plan to BE something,this will not change...and I guarantee you,it will happen. With that said,do not get in my way.If your intention is to fuck me over,I suggest you think it over first.Im not a mean person at all;I just know what I want..and when I want something..I will get it.I dont expect or want things to come to me.Id rather work for money than have it fall into my lap.I'll laugh in your face and point out your misfortunes.I'll hate you for your perfections,I'll hate you for your inperfections.For the record,I do believe in God. I love running around aimlessly laughing at absolutely nothing with my best friend.I play guitar,skateboard,and ride dirt bikes,what more can you ask for?I love meeting new people but no one can replace what I have now,I come to realize over the years that friends do come and go but family stays.People need to learn respect. I've become something I can't control and you will have your false ideas of who I am.You don't know,you won't know..but please keep trying.Confidence is the most attractive part of a person.I've changed so much since I've been on this website,and I continue to keep changing.I like blood,I like dead people,I like things you would never imagine.My mind and my appearance don't seem to go together.I like out of the ordinary.I like strange.I'm attracted to people who are NOT "normal". Before you judge someone,CONSIDER why they are the way they are. I guess you could say that if you set me off,I'll probably slit your throat.

Don't hide who you are,ever.Just because you think or they won't like you for who you are doesn't mean you have to be someone else.If someone can't look at you and see that you are a normal person just like they are,then they have no respect for themselves.Everyone on this earth is created equal.And until everyone sees past color,race,sexually,or orientation the world will not have peace.

Get me alone,see through my exterior,take a second look at me,and I’m just a normal girl.I am maturing and letting go of things that I once found important.This is who I am,and this is my life.I can’t be mislead or foolishly blinded by a lifestyle that will only take me so far.I am anything but simple,but not nearly as complex as you’d think.Saying last goodbyes,letting go, and being ignored are my biggest pet peeves.They are things I've had to deal with my whole life.In life,you are going to fall inlove and your gonna know how it feels to have your heart completely ripped out.It is inevitable.But it is only you that can learn from your mistakes and allow yourself a second chance.Excepting the good in with the bad is a part of making that decision.

I want to know the fear of jumping off a 15 story building with nothing but rocks below me and a bungee cord attached to my ankles,and feeling relieved that the worst is over.
I want to know whats its liek to hold a baby lion in my arms,and to experience that power that even natures biggest killing machines are at one point still young and pure.

But the one thing I've always wanted for is to wake up next to someone that you're completely head over heels in love with and just to get lost in each others eyes forever.And to talk the day away and to feel that only one minute has passed.

I want to know whats its like to find happiness not only in myself,but in the world.
I feel I've done everything else,and I want to experience life in a completely radical way.
Every morning that I wake up is my new beginning.I am simply just waiting for my wakeup call.

 My Quote
The farther you walk away from your problems, the farther you have to walk back.
 My Kind of Person

I wanna find a person that gets me. I want someone to just want to be near me.  Someone who will bring me to the beach. That listens to what I have to say. And that misses me all the time. Someone thats not too clingy but just clingy enough. Someone that can make me smile and laugh no matter what. Someone that I won't get tired of. Someone that will dance with me. Someone that will wrestle with me. Someone that can have a serious conversation. Someone that doesn't get too serious too fast. Someone I can just walk with. Someone I can just lay with. Someone that will give me butterflies no matter how far into the relationship. Someone that won't make me change. Someone that isn't illiterate. Someone that I can talk to. Someone that will make time for me. Someone who will not lie. Someone I can trust with everything. Someone who doesn't cry all the time. Someone who says "i love you" not "love you" or "ily" because they know it means more. I want someone that knows what they're talking about. I want someone crazy. Someone that will play in the rain with me.

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